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What pickling screw that?

2016-06-05 17:10:16

Presumably in the metal manufacturing industry stayed friends for pickling must have had understanding of it, it is to screw pickling oxide film on the metal removal, and removal of the oxide film on the surface of the metal at the same time to form a layer of phosphate the film, do not underestimate this layer of film, after the spray or molding process plays a role. Have to say, this is like pickling metal surface to put on a new dress, but must be put on new clothes. From this perspective, then, we must also pickling step, but done in place, it can not be sloppy. Here we take a look at the process of making screws pickling it.
The first is the pool of concentration and temperature control, in this context, we have poured into the pan modulation nice pool, so the first step is to remove the oxide film on the metal surface. The second section is another pool, here are the steps called the water, the main function is to remove corrosive substance surface. The third oxalic acid, in order to increase the activity of the metal, and the moral foundation for the next film. Here is our most critical step, and phosphate to contact with the surface of metal material, forming a film. The following step on something clean water to remove residual stuff. Such steps may seem simple, but at the time of the operation we will make good use of the time, such a mastery requires workers to have a good grasp of time, otherwise the acid is a mere formality, no practical significance, then later that is a step can not be implemented. It can be said that a transition period is pickling screw production, must be well to achieve this step, we can do the following processes in order to meet certain quality requirements.